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  • 12/16 Entertainments Source411 bloggers
  • 12/20 Fun Fearless Celebrity News and Entertainment
Website : http://fun-and-fearless-entertainment.blogspot.com/
Contact : Via Email
How to Apply:
Fun and Fearless Entertainment need bloggers to keep us updated on the latest celebrity news and gossip . If you enjoy such entertainment and read about it on a daily basics , drop us your contact information. Please not this is a part time gig .


12/16 Fun and Fearless Adult Need Bloggers
Website : http://www.go5kgs.com/blogit/
Contact : Via Email
How to Apply:

Share with us your stories and experiences . The site speaks of romance, sex ,life and Love . Looking for full time bloggers . Men and women over the age of 18 are welcomed . Lets us know why you are a good fit for this position. No writing experiences need.


04/22 Tech+ POp Bloggers ( 3)
Website : performancing.com
Contact : jonez450@gmail.com
How to Apply:

Applicants should send a resume and two writing examples (preferably within the area applied for..and published) to jonez450@gmail.com. Short listing will commence no later than April 28 and applicants should be able to commence blogging at the beginning of May. I apologize in advance if you don't get a response from us: we'll try but the last time I advertised a position I was swamped and couldn't reply to everyone.

12/16 Fun and Fearless Adult Need Bloggers
Website : Bloggy Business Today
Contact : webmaster@bloggybiz.com
How to Apply:

Bloggy Business Today is currently looking for a business blogger who is adept with the current business trends and management practices being used today. The blogger will be required to post 2 posts of 300 words per week. Pay shall be pegged at $5 per post and will increase upon proven ability to live up to our standards.

Some things we are looking for:

  • Good English Grammar Skills
  • Business focused writer
  • Knowledge in use of SEO and Keywords Techniques
  • Basic Hyperlinking and listing of reference materials
  • Familiar with Wordpress
  • Use of images and cropping as well
  • Experience in Blogging and some sites worked for both current and past
  • If you are interested, you can send you applications at with “Business Blogger on the Header

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