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Eight Helpful Wordpress Plugins

Some must installed plugings for wordpress users.I think It would be very helpful if blogs hosted on blogger and others had such features.

1. Antisocial - Andy Beard’s hack of the Sociable Plugin originally created by Peter Harkins. Sociable provides a list, of which you choose, of social bookmark sites at the end up each post. Andy’s hack inserts the rel=”nofollow” attribute to those links to preserve link juice.
2. Subscribe to Comments - This nifty plugin was created by Mark Jaquith. It inserts a little box after the reply field of each of your posts, which when ticked will send an email reply to each commentor when a reply is made. I definitely saw a rise in participation when I started using this one and I always use it when participating in other blogs that use it.
3. Lucia’s Linky Love - Lucia Liljegren created this awesome plugin to replace the DoFollow plugin created by Denis de Bernardy. Denis’s Dofollow plugin removes the rel=”nofollow” attribute from all comment links, while Lucia’s plugin makes it more selective. With this plugin you can set a number of posts, which your readers must reach before their links get dofollowed. Great for restricting link love from spammers and rewarding frequent comments.
4. WWW Redirect - This plugin created by Justin Shattuk gives you the option to redirect all www versions of your URL’s to non-WWW or vise versa. We should all be either using this plugin or doing it manually in our .htaccess files!
5. Related Posts - This plugin created by Alexander Malov & Mike Lu adds a list of related posts at the end up each post or in your sidebar, anywhere you want it really. Great for deeper linking and link popularity. It’s also useful to readers, which is the most important thing!
6. Popularity Contest - This plugin created by Alex King puts a percentage rating on each posts calculated by several factors of which you can adjust to your liking. You can also paste a small code into your sidebar and display the most popular posts. This is a great feature to guide your users to content that others liked. It’s also another great way to get the SE spiders deeper into your blog.
7. HomePage Excerpts - This plugin will show only a teaser of each post you make, causing your index to be much more user friendly and easy to navigate. It’s also great in reducing the amount of duplicate content WordPress blogs create.
8. Google Analytics - This plugin created by Rich Boakes makes is extremely easy to implement Google Analytics into any WordPress blog in order to test and track.


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