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An idea, a need, a passion, a calling — everyone has a reason for starting their eBay biz. Here’s how four found success.
From: Entrepreneur.com
Lynn Dralle got her start on eBay the way many people did in the late 1990s–she was searching for Beanie Babies to buy.
For those who are too young to remember, or for those whose pop-culture memories are fuzzy, this was a decade in which tiny, furry stuffed animals created by Ty Inc. were decreed collectible items because of their limited availability and short manufacturing lives. It was an age in which otherwise rational people were suddenly buying the stuffed animals by the dozen and occasionally paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for an individual stuffed Beanie Baby, certain they would recoup their investments tenfold. It was an age of Beanie Baby magazines, books and collectors’ cases.
“They will come back again,” the Palm Desert, California, entrepreneur says confidently, citing a Beanie Baby she recently saw on eBay with a bid of $1,150.


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