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Wise Women Win

They say that women are too emotional. And when it comes to troubles, the women are much too engrossed in them. You may have seen women back in your elementary and high school days pushing each other, slashing spiteful words at each other, pulling each other’s hair, and the likes.

This behavior is quite integrated naturally into the persona of the women in general. Wherever you go, there are those bullies who make meddling with the lives of others their utmost business. In the corporate world, such environment remains to be present. It is but natural to encounter people who bully their fellow women by using the smear campaign. These days, the most common is the smear campaign. And definitely, once this is used on you, you have your reputation stained at all costs.

Wise women could win against the smear campaign. You could never be referred to as a wise woman if you would fail in this aspect. But first of all, arm yourself with enough knowledge regarding the smear campaign so that when you spot the indicators that it is being used on you, you know how to stand up as one of the wise women who win the battle.

The Smear Campaign by Definition

The smear campaign is a form of bully wherein some people inconsiderately bully you with the title of being a . Being called a is not nice. It is categorized as harassment. You totally do not deserve it. It is an insult to your personality.

By and large, the occurrences of the smear campaign is increasingly heightening and what makes it bothering is that such bullying practice seriously ruins the reputation and credibility of a person.

The Common Victims of the Smear Campaign

Who is the prime victim to be affected by the smear campaign? Certainly, a woman or a girl could be the subject of the smear campaign. It could even be you. But of course you have to assert that wise women win. Do not ever think that you are safe from the smear campaign. This could be heaped on you while you are in school, at work, within the confines of your home, with your family, friends, social circle, and even in your religious group.

The smear campaigns could be concocted regardless of the truth therein. And for sure, being victimized by this smear campaign will leave you shamed for all eternity.

The Victim Categories

Actually, any woman or young girl could be an easy prey to the smear campaign. There are three main categories of victims though. They are:

The woman who is the subject of jealousy among her peers. There are women who are found very attractive by most boys. Now the less attractive ones develop the notion that the woman is a flirt, a seducer, and worst! The smear campaign is of course rooted from this.

The women who have been sexually assaulted. They think that once a woman is sexually attacked, she is responsible for it. Now it would fragment stories that are so twisted that they make it appear that it the victim is at fault.

The cultural victims. They are those who simply go out of the conventions. People see them as abnormal because they do not conform to the existing norms.

The Recourse of Wise Women in Order to Win Wise women win against these smear campaigns. How? Refrain from standing above the rest. Make sure to go along with the norms of the environment. Do not get involved in circumstances that could easily be misinterpreted. Avoid flirting. Take legal action in cases of sexual abuse. Never partake in gossips.

Wise women win against these detractors because they definitely know what to do. How about you, do you prefer being called a wise woman too?


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