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Increase Pagerank -Alexa Graph

Yes increasing your Alexa is important in your pagerank . I never got the Alexa thing, but many blog companies look at these rankings.
Blogging Companies where Alexa is looked upon.
Get your widget for your blog. Widget can be used on any blogging service.Place interactive always-updated Alexa widgets on your site. These handy little widgets require virtually no programming skills. Just copy the html and put it on your site.


Did you know that back problems are now an epidemic? Do you know it's also the #2 reason for US hospital visits? It's also a majo cause for depression. Now you can have a healthy back, and live a full life, without putting yourself at risk with treatments. sounds to good to believe, but it's completely true ... thanks to Rezilient What is rezilient you ask?Rezilant is A Natural Safe remedy made from O-mega 3 fatty acids that are usually found in fish oils. Which has been reported by the journal of surgical neurology to have promising affects through a study. Here's a list olf some of the study results:

60% of patients noted an overall improvement in their pain and said their overall pain had improved.

  • 60% of patients specifically reported less joint pain.
  • 80% of patients stated that they were satisfied with their improvement.
  • 88% of patients said they would keep taking fish oil supplements

rezilient has been proven to:
  • Works to support back function and anti-aging
  • Provides support for proper back healing
  • Enhances youthful elasticity to your spinal discs
The major concern when tackling something like back problems are the side effects from treatments, but unlike drugs with damaging toxic side-effects, rezillienthelps your back problems, without the use of drugs, without harming your liver and stomach and without shock
Don't just take my word for it though.

Video: RSS in Plain English

Video: RSS in Plain English

Successful Affiliates

Find Quality Tips, Tricks, eBooks and Courses
From Successful Affiliates

ClickBank.com has become a real breakthrough on the online affiliate market. Its business model is convenient, profitable and very easy for all types of affiliates - newbies and professionals.

ClickBank is a real marketplace where affiliates - using the search option - can find any types of products and services to resell. They open an account, find a relevant product, promote it via their own affiliate link (also called hoplink in ClickBank) and get paid from usually from 30% to 70% from the price of the product.

The success of ClickBank is based on two pillars:

(1) It is very profitable for vendors/sellers of the products and services (via ClickBank they receive an army of affiliates who are ready to start promoting and making money from commissions).

(2) It is very profitable for affiliates (as they have a huge list of products and services to choose from and don’t even need to have their own site to promote the product).

This explains why having business with ClickBank has be

Your Personal Cash Advance

personal cash advance
is a company that offers Personal Cash Advance for individuals whom are in different financial situations.
For those of you with bad credit, that will not stop you from being approved for a loan . There are no credit checks. That's a great benefit for those who's credit history is not at its best. There is also no need to meet with a representative , all applications are completed online in a fast and secured manner to you at all time . Your loan will be deposited to your account over time , with ease.

They are fastest way to obtain secure, online cash advance and payday loans. Absolutely no documents to fax. Once you're approved for the cash advance, we'll electronically deposit the payday loan amount directly into your checking or savings account.

There are flexible payment options and discrete service that gets you the cash you need right now. It's that easy, so why wait to get that cash advance? Its yours pay day loan for the taking today.

Celebrity Entertainment Link Exchange

Celebrity Entertainment Link Exchange

Welcome to Fun & Fearless Entertainment.

A Fun and Fearless Blog Entertainment site .For the celebrity gossip ,news and entertainment . There a bit of star in everyone of us. celebrity gossip, Hollywood, Hollywood Stars, Secrets, Celebrity photo, Gossip, Pop Culture, Black, Media, Entertainment, Television . Stars such as Beyonce, actor, Nick Lachey, Longoria, actress,Sarah Jessica Parker, models,Tom Cruise, Halle Berry, Paris Hilton, nicole Richie, Janet Jackson,ect

Visit the site : Click Here

The Million-Dollar Home Page

Feature entrepreneur.com Success stoty

The Million-Dollar Home Page

From the "Why didn't I think of that?" file: Learn how this 21-year-old entrepreneur made more than $1 million in five months.

Take one college-bound student with an overdrawn bank account and one 20-minute brainstorming session on how to raise money to pay for school, and what do you get? A million-dollar idea that's had people around the world slapping their foreheads and muttering "Why didn't I think of that?" ever since.

With only one month to go before he was to begin classes at a three-year university--and no money in his bank account--Alex Tew was determined to find a way to avoid student debt. Armed with a notebook and pen, Tew stayed up late one night brainstorming ways to make some quick cash.

To help jumpstart his creativity, he wrote down just one question on his notepad: How can I become a millionaire? Twenty minutes later, he had his answer: Sell one million pixels of advertising space on a website for $1 each. "I thought, 'This is one of those crazy, quirky ideas, but it just might work…I've got nothing to lose.' "

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Need a Web Designer (partner) for Blog Start-up

Hi, I'm looking to create a funky free advice blog and don't know much about executing a Web site. I need someone who can help me with the "fine print".

You don't need to be a professional, just creative and able to brainstorm and execute ideas for how the site should look and function.

Please send me an email detailing how much you would like to be paid for the job. Also, I would be willing to do a 50/50 collaboration. Should be a fun project!

email Katie.

A great source for local jobs and helpful advice

Finding a job is avery tedious journey .based on various qualifications. Whether you’re looking for a full-time hourly job or a part-time gig, SnagAJob.com is the easiest place to start and complete your job search. A job posting community for just about anyone. There are various field of work in which an individual can apply for .They has more than 100,000 jobs in all the popular industries, whether you want to sell clothes at the mall or wait tables in a restaurant.

SnagAJob.com today is the nation's largest job site for part-time and full-time hourly jobs, with more than 117 million annual job searches for companies hiring non-exempt employees. They are currently located in Richmond, Virginia, this company is centered around three core characteristics: collaboration, accountability and passion. Those are qualities their clients are looking for in a job and in an employee.

SnagAJob.com also has you covered from coast to coast: If you’re looking for Memphis jobs, Salt Lake City jobs or jobs anywhere else, they’ve got one for you. SnagAJob.com also has a comprehensive library of helpful articles and tips, including a regularly updated job blog, SnagABlog.com making your job search a bit easier .

osCommerce developer Needed

I need an experienced osCommerce developer to help out with some stuff that I just don't have the time to mess with. I've got an established store with a fair number of custom tweaks (mostly to support my back-end order processing, plus some SEO stuff) and I need someone with enough php coding skills to see what I've done and avoid trashing it. Or possibly to tell me why it ought to be trashed and replaced with something else.

I've done almost nothing with the appearance of the site, and it needs help in that department. The address editing (including the purchase-without-account contribution) needs work to fix problems with certain countries. It also needs a new payment module and possibly a shipping module or two installed, and I'm sure I'll think of more things.

I'm guessing at 10-15 hours for the job, but that's just an estimate. If I'm happy with the work there will likely be more to follow.

Apply Here

PHP Website needed

I have a small site that needs to be done, small e-commerce with 5 products. It needs to start right away. There will be a very large project following it for the same company.

Please call today to apply

Oh Bitter Sweet

Online Dating with MySpace and Facebook

Your Own Online Business

Become a freelancer – Do you have any specific skill? Sell it. Go to elance.com to find the job opportunities posted there.

Start information website –
Do you have a passion to research any niche topic? Gather it, process it, rewrite it and start a new informational website on the researched topic.

Participate in affiliate marketing (sell others product) –
Why don’t you sell manufacturer's or marketer's product? To be precise, sell other’s product.

Sell an ad space – If you have a website or blog sell an ad space from it. If you don’t have, try having one exclusively made for selling ad space. (but beware don’t make it junk)

Sell your own old stuffs through EBay – Start selling your product or your neighbor's or friend's product through EBay.

Create a Niche blog – Do you Blog for Fun? No don’t blog it. Blog to generate income out of it, get hired by companies to write blog for them. or create your own niche blog (this might over lap with any one of the above strategy).

Sell your services – If you have a talent in any particular domain, and then sell it as a service. Be an Online service provider. Example: Online Brokers (this might also overlap)

Drop ship products –
You don’t have anything to sell? Don’t worry just create a website let your drop shipper do all inventory management and order fulfillment. But you have to generate contents for your website. Contents here i mean product descriptions and specifications.

Start a virtual assistant – Small and medium businesses need someone to assist them virtually, so you can try to be a virtual assistant to them.

Create e-books on any subject of your interest and sell it across various channels like EBay, Amazon, etc

Source for more information: bizonnet

Unhappy Bloggers - Top 10 Reasons

10. Spend your first quiet morning hours checking your stats to see who was not reading your blog at 2:18 a.m. When you’re done, check 4:47 a.m. and 1:31 a.m. too.

9. Read the blog feeds for the exact idea you wanna write about. Then decide all of the good ideas have already been done, because you know that few seconds ago someone took the last one.

8. Keep your mind focused on all of the things you have to do - like a TO DO list and focus on little time you have in hand to take care of all of them. Think about you are behind in getting them done and would not be possible now.

7. Don’t prioritize or make a plan for posting.

6. Answer every email, important or not, as soon as you get it. While you’re there, think of the ones you might write and write them before you do anything else.

5. If you finish with email and it’s still the same day, read other blogs that have no relationship to yours.

4. As you read and comment on blogs, notice how better other blogs are developed or posted the content with. Then think of the reasons you wouldn’t read your own blog and start feeling negative about own blog.

Find out the top 3 at lifeiscolourful

Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Calling All Bloggers

Hi every body, I want to share you something about a cool website which provides all kind of entertainment and money to you people. How? The answer is Smorty. Yes Smorty is a website which provides money for all kind of genuine bloggers.You can get paid to blog only with Smorty.
Smorty is a website which provides money for writing quality posts in your blog. Yes they will provide money for writing the posts about the advertisers .It is really cool.Get Paid To write
you can make cool money from your blog just by writing the opinion articles about available advertiser's campaigns in the smorty. Opportunities will be sent directly to your personal administration panel and to your email account id.

So turn all your daily blog updates into cool money.So between 5 and 20 minutes of writing will provides you money directly to your PayPal account after the posts that you have written are approved.
You can also add more blogs in your account and can make cool money with them .It is simply amazing. What you have to do is to have a better quality blog.All the best
Get paid to blog weekly with Smorty.
Sometimes I make over $50 with smorty on a daily basics

No advertising, just write your opinions
  • Earn top $ with every opinion post
  • Select the subjects that interest you
  • Post in multiple blogs to earn more
  • Build interesting, unique content in your Blog
  • Get paid weekly by PayPal


is a web-based service that simplifies the process of collecting money through PayPal or Credit Card. It can be used for accepting donations & contributions, donations for a blog or website, raising funds for a charity work or whatever purpose you have that needs money (of course, for good purposes :D).
Getting started at ChipIn is quite simple. All you need is to create a ChipIn widget and just wait for the money to come. Here are the step by step process how it works:
  1. Give the purpose why you want to collect money
  2. Enter the amount of money that you want to collect
  3. Give the due date when you need the money
  4. Give your PayPal account
  5. Post the code into your blog or site or create a webpage at ChipIn
For more information : MoneyEarnersClub

HowTo Promote A Website

There are various ways to promote a website,wheather paid or free. today I will list 5 free ways to get you jump started today.

1.Promote on website forum of your niche

2.Comment of related blogs

3.word of the mouth

4.adding to google and other search engines for FREE

5. adding to online groups.

A Bloggers Esteem

Shrinking Self Esteem

Affiliate Program

Probably the Hardest Way to Make Money Online

Thats is need a very good question. Can you blame the boy for asking

IMG Tags

You may also add images (pictures) to your web page, as long as the image is in the .gif or .jpg (or .jpeg) file formats. You will not be able to use .bmp format files! The basic tag for in-line images is location">. It is also recommended to add HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes to the IMG tag, which will allow the image to take proper proportions on a browser that is not currently viewing images. It is also recommended to use the ALT="what picture is" to tell a person what a picture is in case it is still loading or they are not viewing images. (The IMG tag has no closing

If your image is in the same directory as your HTML file, just use the image name. If your file is welcome.jpg, you can use Then add the appropriate height, width, and alt attributes as mentioned above.

Using Wndows Vista is Torture

Using Wndows Vista is Torture

If your are novice, this can surely happen to you!

Smorty For Bloggers

smorty Presentation :

smorty is the ultimate site for webmasters and individuals looking to earn money online with there websites and blogs.
get paid to blog

Smorty for bloggers and advertisers alike. If you have always had a passion for staying in the know , keeping up with people and there lifestyles , using smorty is a great way for bloggers to earn money , and share your stories with others.Studies have shown that paid bloggers are more motivated , and improve at a faster rate as they go along. Various People blog for different reasons , some for the loving of writing, sharing gossip or personal life stories, or to earn a second income ,Whatever the reason maybe smorty is a great place to share your experiences with others.

Get Paid for Blogging
Smorty pays you to write your opinions.
Every post earns you money. Get paid weekly.


The average advertisement pays around 6 dollars for posting a description about it on your blog - however if the advertisement is able to be displayed across all 'niches' the multiplication factor kicks in and you can be receiving 50 dollars less than 30 minutes work. (The payout or approval process from Smorty can take up to 30 days) With Smorty you can easily find advertisers for your blog.Is an automated system that allows you to promote your web site, product, service, or company through the smorty network of bloggers.


If you’re a Mac computer owner and are interested in opening an online poker account then macjpokeronline can be a helpful site for you to visit macpokeronline supplies you with a list of the best online poker sites and lists them in order of what they believe is the safest and best fit for you.

A few friends of mines and I have personally have played poker online at a few of the sites . Which are listed , and are, good sites and I’m sure you will enjoy playing poker at them.

What we Like Like:

Macpokeronline is setup very well and you can easily navigate it, indeed very user friendly . They have links all over the place for anything you may wonder about and pretty well explains anything that you need to know.

They are a favourite becuase it focuses on a great nich market , mac poker Its loved in the mac world because it caters to this unique crowd, looks good and works well! So if you’re a Mac owner and poker fan, than check the best mac online poker site around , before you setup an online poker account!

Try your luck ate some casions bonus

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