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Hi every body, I want to share you something about a cool website which provides all kind of entertainment and money to you people. How? The answer is Smorty. Yes Smorty is a website which provides money for all kind of genuine bloggers.You can get paid to blog only with Smorty.
Smorty is a website which provides money for writing quality posts in your blog. Yes they will provide money for writing the posts about the advertisers .It is really cool.Get Paid To write
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So turn all your daily blog updates into cool money.So between 5 and 20 minutes of writing will provides you money directly to your PayPal account after the posts that you have written are approved.
You can also add more blogs in your account and can make cool money with them .It is simply amazing. What you have to do is to have a better quality blog.All the best
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No advertising, just write your opinions

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I LOVE Smorty and have been with them for about a little over a month now. But, I have NO idea how in the world you make $150 a day with them. Oh, I just figured it out... is it because you have more than one blog with them?

Yes I do have more than 1 blog with them. They are a great blogger service.

Yes I have other blogs in the system.
The key is though writing original content and getting your posts approved.

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