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IMG Tags

You may also add images (pictures) to your web page, as long as the image is in the .gif or .jpg (or .jpeg) file formats. You will not be able to use .bmp format files! The basic tag for in-line images is location">. It is also recommended to add HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes to the IMG tag, which will allow the image to take proper proportions on a browser that is not currently viewing images. It is also recommended to use the ALT="what picture is" to tell a person what a picture is in case it is still loading or they are not viewing images. (The IMG tag has no closing

If your image is in the same directory as your HTML file, just use the image name. If your file is welcome.jpg, you can use Then add the appropriate height, width, and alt attributes as mentioned above.


Oh , nicely explained. When I was a novice when it came to website building , html coding was the hardest thing to do.

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