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Increase Pagerank -Alexa Graph

Yes increasing your Alexa is important in your pagerank . I never got the Alexa thing, but many blog companies look at these rankings.
Blogging Companies where Alexa is looked upon.

Get your widget for your blog. Widget can be used on any blogging service.Place interactive always-updated Alexa widgets on your site. These handy little widgets require virtually no programming skills. Just copy the html and put it on your site.


As we know SEO is search engine optimization. This is done to improve ranking in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa etc. A client looks for the ranking on the first page with relevant keywords from SEO work. The website coming on first page with relevant keywords is easily noticeable by a visitor and thus can fetch ROI. In SEO Content also plays a major role. Virtual Studio Pvt Ltd also provides SEO services. In the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world, search engine rankings speak for themselves! If an SEO company can rank its own site on the first page of SEO search results, that company has already demonstrated its professional effectiveness. As you may notice that we rank on the first page in Google with keywords like IPTV services India, live demand streaming services India, etc. Virtual Studio has enabled its clients to be on the first page with keywords like business hotels in Gurgaon, budget hotels in Chennai, etc.

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