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osCommerce developer Needed

I need an experienced osCommerce developer to help out with some stuff that I just don't have the time to mess with. I've got an established store with a fair number of custom tweaks (mostly to support my back-end order processing, plus some SEO stuff) and I need someone with enough php coding skills to see what I've done and avoid trashing it. Or possibly to tell me why it ought to be trashed and replaced with something else.

I've done almost nothing with the appearance of the site, and it needs help in that department. The address editing (including the purchase-without-account contribution) needs work to fix problems with certain countries. It also needs a new payment module and possibly a shipping module or two installed, and I'm sure I'll think of more things.

I'm guessing at 10-15 hours for the job, but that's just an estimate. If I'm happy with the work there will likely be more to follow.

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