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smorty is the ultimate site for webmasters and individuals looking to earn money online with there websites and blogs.
get paid to blog

Smorty for bloggers and advertisers alike. If you have always had a passion for staying in the know , keeping up with people and there lifestyles , using smorty is a great way for bloggers to earn money , and share your stories with others.Studies have shown that paid bloggers are more motivated , and improve at a faster rate as they go along. Various People blog for different reasons , some for the loving of writing, sharing gossip or personal life stories, or to earn a second income ,Whatever the reason maybe smorty is a great place to share your experiences with others.

Get Paid for Blogging
Smorty pays you to write your opinions.
Every post earns you money. Get paid weekly.


The average advertisement pays around 6 dollars for posting a description about it on your blog - however if the advertisement is able to be displayed across all 'niches' the multiplication factor kicks in and you can be receiving 50 dollars less than 30 minutes work. (The payout or approval process from Smorty can take up to 30 days) With Smorty you can easily find advertisers for your blog.Is an automated system that allows you to promote your web site, product, service, or company through the smorty network of bloggers.


I use Smorty.Very good blog service

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