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ClickBank.com has become a real breakthrough on the online affiliate market. Its business model is convenient, profitable and very easy for all types of affiliates - newbies and professionals.

ClickBank is a real marketplace where affiliates - using the search option - can find any types of products and services to resell. They open an account, find a relevant product, promote it via their own affiliate link (also called hoplink in ClickBank) and get paid from usually from 30% to 70% from the price of the product.

The success of ClickBank is based on two pillars:

(1) It is very profitable for vendors/sellers of the products and services (via ClickBank they receive an army of affiliates who are ready to start promoting and making money from commissions).

(2) It is very profitable for affiliates (as they have a huge list of products and services to choose from and don’t even need to have their own site to promote the product).

This explains why having business with ClickBank has be


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