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Unhappy Bloggers - Top 10 Reasons

10. Spend your first quiet morning hours checking your stats to see who was not reading your blog at 2:18 a.m. When you’re done, check 4:47 a.m. and 1:31 a.m. too.

9. Read the blog feeds for the exact idea you wanna write about. Then decide all of the good ideas have already been done, because you know that few seconds ago someone took the last one.

8. Keep your mind focused on all of the things you have to do - like a TO DO list and focus on little time you have in hand to take care of all of them. Think about you are behind in getting them done and would not be possible now.

7. Don’t prioritize or make a plan for posting.

6. Answer every email, important or not, as soon as you get it. While you’re there, think of the ones you might write and write them before you do anything else.

5. If you finish with email and it’s still the same day, read other blogs that have no relationship to yours.

4. As you read and comment on blogs, notice how better other blogs are developed or posted the content with. Then think of the reasons you wouldn’t read your own blog and start feeling negative about own blog.

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