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Your Own Online Business

Become a freelancer – Do you have any specific skill? Sell it. Go to elance.com to find the job opportunities posted there.

Start information website –
Do you have a passion to research any niche topic? Gather it, process it, rewrite it and start a new informational website on the researched topic.

Participate in affiliate marketing (sell others product) –
Why don’t you sell manufacturer's or marketer's product? To be precise, sell other’s product.

Sell an ad space – If you have a website or blog sell an ad space from it. If you don’t have, try having one exclusively made for selling ad space. (but beware don’t make it junk)

Sell your own old stuffs through EBay – Start selling your product or your neighbor's or friend's product through EBay.

Create a Niche blog – Do you Blog for Fun? No don’t blog it. Blog to generate income out of it, get hired by companies to write blog for them. or create your own niche blog (this might over lap with any one of the above strategy).

Sell your services – If you have a talent in any particular domain, and then sell it as a service. Be an Online service provider. Example: Online Brokers (this might also overlap)

Drop ship products –
You don’t have anything to sell? Don’t worry just create a website let your drop shipper do all inventory management and order fulfillment. But you have to generate contents for your website. Contents here i mean product descriptions and specifications.

Start a virtual assistant – Small and medium businesses need someone to assist them virtually, so you can try to be a virtual assistant to them.

Create e-books on any subject of your interest and sell it across various channels like EBay, Amazon, etc

Source for more information: bizonnet


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