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Blogging Part-Time

Blogsvertise is a great place for beginners who would like to blog and earn some money . They start you off with your first task of $ 2 USD, its not bad. You are not required to have any pagerank even though that heps you to land more opportunities with a bigger pay out .

check out Blogsvertise today and Make money with your blog. Payment are done only through paypal, so you apply for a free paypal ID first. 30 days till payouts.

First its important to maintain and update your blog regularly. If a sponsor wants 5 blog entries blogsvertise only send out tasks to 5 bloggers, and wait to see if they decline, accept, or don't answer for 5 days. This is why its y important for our bloggers to decline a task if they don't want it, so we can quickly reassign it to someone eager for a task. Since tasks expire in 5 days, if you login to at least twice a week you should catch most task offers made to you.


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