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We have seen business opportunities multiply like bunnies... each day, thousands arise, with 99% of chances you'll never make any money with them... actually, a recent statistic study proved that joining a MLM program has less chances of bringing money than gambling in Las Vegas... less chances! Some entrepreneurs, starters of a new generation of business opportunities, have been making an offer few could resist: they are guaranteeing success.

They offer you to try their systems for a period of time, and if for any reason you are not having the income they promised you when you joined, they'll refund every penny you invested on the system... plus, you can keep every e-book, software or tool you received the moment you joined. This creates a cycle at some opportunities. The guarantee not just helps you join, but also lots of other people you (in case of MLM's) will join under you, attracted by the iron clad guarantee. Thus, the guarantee not just gives you peace of mind, but actually helps the system to work and make you money. With this kind of innovations, we are approaching a new era of business opportunities... an era were chances of succeeding are approaching from 1% to 99%... what will the gurus at http://www.richfromhome.org come up with next?


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