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Ebay and Making Money

That’s the question that everyone seems to be asking lately. How to make money on ebay. Well, this article will hopefully answer that question for you. I will tell you how to find hot selling items for you to trade and some of my tips for you to make as much money as you can on ebay.

The first thing to do is to find out what the hottest selling items on ebay are. There are a few steps to take when doing this. Sit down with a pen and paper and write down a list of all the products you think would be good sellers. Write down as many as you like but I would suggest at least twenty. The more you have then the more chance there is of finding a really hot seller. When you have your list, you should go to ebay and search to see how many people are selling the items on your list and how much feedback they have. Do this for every item on your list and see which ones are being sold by the most sellers, then

take a look and see if the sellers have got a lot of feedback as this would indicate that they have sold a lot of items. As you are searching for the hot sellers on ebay, you should be noticing which items are getting bids. If an item has a lot of bids then it shows that people are interested in it.

Narrow down the list to about five items. With your five products, do a search on ebay for each one but this time tick the completed listings box on the left hand side and this will show exactly how many of each item has sold and for how much. By now you should have a very good idea of which items are hot sellers on ebay. If you are unsure just research into this deeper and for longer until you are sure.

Now that you have a good selling product. You should look into getting yourself some inventory. There are many wholesalers and drop shippers on the net, simply search google until you find one that you are happy with and that can supply you with the product you need to sell to make money on ebay.

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Good tips. There are many people that are making a ton of money on Ebay. At least lately. It seems like everything is selling on Ebay anymore.

Thanks for sharing.

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