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It is possible to create webpages without knowing anything about the HTML source behind the page.There are excellent editors on the market that will take care of the HTML parts. All you need to do is layout the page.
However, if you want to make it above average in webdesign, it is strongly recommended that you understand these tags.
The most important benefits are:

* You can use tags the editor does not support.
* You can read the code of other people's pages, and "borrow" the cool effects.
* You can do the work yourself, when the editor simply refuses to create the effects you want.

You can write your HTML by hand with almost any available text editor, including notepad that comes as a standard program with Windows.

All you need to do is type in the code, then save the document, making sure to put an .html extension or an .htm extension to the file (for instance "mypage.html").


HTML is a completely different language all to its self.Took me around a year to fully get it.

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