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NewBie Blog Earnings

Smorty: $ 336
Blogsvertise: $14
Blogingads : $15
Sponsored Reviews : $200
Loud Launch : $100
Affiliate Sales : $ 0
Ad Space : $0
-Good income on the side for newbie bloggers.

If you are new to the blogging industry there are many ways in which to market your blog. I am here to show you guys that even if your not there yet with the " big boys " that you to can stay make a decent amount of money with your blog. The big boys are , Review me , Payperpost ,ect . Currently do not qualify. I am sure there are other ways that people make money on their blogs. PPC programs like google is also very famous,but with not much traffic you won't win at it.

As you see Smorty pays the most, because its assignments are endless. You can write the same task for an advertiser if you have 100 blogs. Which eventually does add up.
P.s No I don't have 100 blogs.

My affiliate sale is zero,reason I am currently not getting a lot of traffic because I am once again a newbie. Also I don't have any ads up really. Haven't figured out what products I would like to promote.

LoudLaunch is a great option as well. With PR of 3, you can be paid $12.50 per post. They are not my favorite but, I works for newbies. They are very picky in which blogs are accepted into their network.

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Sponsored review in my opinion has the best system. Bloggers with blog of 1 month can get a shot at this site. You can see all your advertisers and view their requirements and place your bid. Its pretty simple. Success rate isn't high with them ,but like I said its a start . They generally pay you from $ 5 to ( a lot ) I wouldn't know. I am sure the pro's reside here as well.

Adspace has brought no nothing , " again", as a newbie, this is not something expected to make money on unless you really know your stuff. Traffic , traffic is the key.

Blogging Ads a fairly new company. Not much advertisers are there as of it, I think though they have chance to be great one day.

And finally Blogsvertise, Your blog can be 1 week old and and get into this company, its only fair though, to start you off to with lil to nothing , as low as $2 per post.Though still am a newbie, less than 3 months old , This is where I started . After some PR they will pay you more. The most I received as an assignment for $ 10 . They are step in the right directions.

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