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BlackWindow 5.21-Did you know

    Spy the internal structure of a Web, and unloads the files that you want!
    This program allows you to scan a page Web and to present/display the files that find in an identical format to the one of the Explorer, soon you will be able to unload the files that you want. You can keep the profiles from the pages Web that visits, and allows to summarize interrupted operations. It supports the use of passwords.

    With this program you will be able to see and to unload all the files that are lodged in the Web server of the site that visites.BlackWidow can unload all the types of archives of images, audio and MP3, videos, documents, ZIP, programs, CSS, Macromedia Flash, pdf, PHP, cgi, htm to MIME types from any site.

    Size: 8,08 MB


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