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One of the main questions with the operation of a Business Weblogs reads: About what am I to write at all? Who pursues thereby a Business goal, should an internal compass have or an editorship plan develop. To write simply in the blue, in hope the fact that goes already well, that likes nicely and " authentic" its, the class goal however mostly misses. For this reason there are also still 10 Blog Tips for the topic identification now from me:

1. Always think of your target group and write you therefore over things, which have to do with the work and the interests of your readers. In the case of ideal you supply with thereby even to information which the work of your customers facilitates.

2. Beyond that everyone would like to receive gladly an overview of its industry. Therefore you write the other one calmly over things, in your industry do and communicate you your opinion in addition.

3. Commentate the branch happening. What is important in your work? What is excitingly to be observed? Report you from the everyday life, give examples. Besides you can refer frequently to numerous medium articles. A condition for it is naturally a good fact knowledge and an extensive wealth of experience.


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