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Google Video a Complete Failure?

Apparently, google Video has been a complete failure compared with the vestibule property of Google, YouTube, and have decided is taken leave of him. The company of Mountain View has announced that at the moment is going to stop offering payment by vision and rent of films through Google Video and that the clients will receive compensations in the form of vouchers or bonds in other services, as well as economic returns. The intention of Google is, right now, to concentrate itself in YouTube and to give priority, at the same time as to find a system him adapted to place contextual publicity in the vestibule without it affects to the day day of the community, a problem that the Californian company takes enough dragging during time.

The main problem is that the unloaded films of Google Video to the PC are not visible in ipod or television, and that affects the flexibility of the format. Google Video has not managed to attract people according to its forecasts. The gratuitous videos will continue existing, although this measurement clearly indicates that Google is wanted to be undoing little by little of the vestibule.


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