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What are the most popular CMS systems of the Technorati Top 100?

Which are the most popular CMS systems of the Technorati Top 100

The comparison Blog blogging remains an interesting continuous topic. Discussion-joyfully to be accompanied again and again presents different aspects as overview and diagram. CMSWire takes now up-to-date the Technorati Top 100 in its sights and determines the Ranking of the most popular CMS systems.

January 2008 - The results in the overview

Wordpress comes with 34 Blogs at place 1st 16 Blogs works with a Movable type engine - follow place of 2nd own systems, Blogsmith/Weblogs, Gawker CMS, type PAD, Blogger, Drupal, Plone, Scoop, Expression engine, Community server, town center Desk (Fog Creek) on the further places.

Most Wanted - results briefly commentates

It might not a reader surprise that Wordpress takes the place up 1 for itself. The mass of the Wordpress users is too large over the time. Straight Wordpress nevertheless offers low entrance hurdles and simplest handling for many new A risers.

Remarkably from my point of view rather place 2. is 16 Weblogs with Movable type is nevertheless operated. That may get still more weight, because some Blog networks lie with your platforms on the further places behind it.

Type PADs, Drupal and still more Expression engine are reduced nevertheless somewhat. More weighty statements might however not be drawn alone from the platform. For the success of the project from my point of view still another whole number of other factors is important.


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