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The Real Deal with Free Hosting for Blogs

Who doesn’t like the word FREE? Every time we see those four-letter words, our eyes light up! Fortunately for us, the web is loaded with freebies. That includes web hosting. Fine, our enthusiasm are dampened a bit because we know that Free Web Hosting can be deceiving.

I can think of many reasons why Free Web Hosting is not that popular and I’m going to give three:

  • * Free Web Hosts are not stable. Sites offering Free Web Hosting have been known to shut-down operation without as much as a wave and taking along our precious hosted blogs with them.
  • * Free Web Hosts are not REALLY free. Web hosting cannot endure on enthusiasm and passion alone in the long run. Somehow, the free hosting companies have to fashion monetization models to keep their service in threads. These usually include posting-for-hosting, placing of advertisements, integration of links, or any combination of the three.
  • * Free Web Hosts cheapens websites. Free web hosts do not help the reputation of blogs. If bloggers uses paid-hosting, this communicates to visitors that they care enough to provide a stable environment to shell-out a few bucks.

Now that I have given the cons, would anybody still use Free Web Hosting, especially since paid hosting companies are offering cheap packages? Definitely, since Free Web Hosting is quite useful in the following context:

  • * No web cash. Paid-hosting companies usually accept only electronic cash. For bloggers that do not have access to web cash at the moment, the barter-type economy of a Free Web Host is heaven-sent.
  • * Newbies’ first site. Getting a blog online have monetary risks involved that might deter newbies from attempting. Free Web Hosting allows them to try different concepts without fear of losing real cash.
  • * Testing certain scripts/features. Free Web Hosting allows bloggers to take scripts or new features through its paces before committing. Free Web Hosts can serve as online laboratories.
  • * Educational purposes. The internet is one huge learning opportunity and the best way use it is to get our hands dirty. Free Web Hosting allows us to twiddle with blog development until we get everything right.

There are always perils involved in web hosting, even paid ones. The trick is, especially for Free Web Hosting, to minimize the risks by researching and looking for Free Web Hosts with the following features:

  • * Free branch of a paid hosting company. Free-hosted blogs are housed in the same servers are paid ones. The former gets the same benefits as the latter, including security and stability. In addition, there will be fewer hassles when a blogger is ready to move to paid hosting.
  • * Monetization alternatives. Free Web Hosts that tries to get non-monetary benefits from hosted blogs like displaying of advertisement or site-wide integration of links is better. Why? Because they make the free-hosted pages valuable to the hosting company, which will make them keep the Free Web Hosting up and running. Choose ones that offers unobtrusive text links for hosting.
  • * The name does not indicate a free host. Choosing a Free Web Host that sound like a regular hosting company is a definite plus. Try to stay clear from one with the word “free” in their name.
  • * Availability of hosting upgrade. Some Free Web Hosts does not only provide free hosting but even gives members an opportunity to upgrade their accounts.

Lastly, it is always a blogger's responsibility to ensure his website is safe. It is important to regularly back-up a blog off-site. If this precaution is religiously followed, we can bank on free hosting with peace of mind.

Make Money Selling Ebooks

With the soaring cost of childcare, more and more parents are deciding to leave the workforce and stay at home with their children. In many cases, it is the woman who chooses to be the stay at home parent. The problem is, it is a difficult transition to go from a two-income family to just one income.

Many families make up the shortfall by looking for ‘work at home’ opportunities. If you have a knack for writing, you might find an opportunity by writing ebooks. An ebook can be almost any length; it need not be a 200-page behemoth. Many successful ebooks contain just 10 or 20 pages.

There are a number of ways that you can profit with an ebook. You can sign up with one of the writing service providers, such as Elance and write ebooks for others. Using this method, you will be paid an agreed upon sum as soon as you complete the writing assignment.

If you are more ambitious, you can market the ebook yourself. There are a number of ways that a good ebook can be marketed. The best selling ebooks solve a problem or demonstrate how to accomplish a particular skill or technique. If you have an idea for this sort of ebook, you might be able to make a very nice recurring income.

Another way to market your ebook is to allow your buyers to sell your ebook. This technique can increase the size of your potential market considerably. An ebook sold in this manner attracts not only buyers seeking your information; it attracts people who are looking for opportunities to make money. Many ebooks are sold in this manner with re-sale rights.

Writing ebooks is a great way to earn an extra income. And, if your ebook is successful, you can make a very nice income that comes in on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. If you are looking for ways to make extra money, consider writing ebooks. You may be very surprised at the amount of money that you can make.

Do you want to learn more about how to do it? Get my brand new guide on how to create your own ebook, quickly and easily.

About the Author: Complete Guide To Create Your Own Ebook!

Credit Consultation

Getting out of debt can be a never ending process causing a lot of problems. Being able to get a free credit consultation can be very helpful in correcting all your debt problems.

Defining debt can be tough for the common person that is trying to work their way out. We have qualified debt professionals that will be able to assist you in learning what debt is and how to avoid getting yourself into a deep financial hole.

Nodebttoday provides you with free debt consolidation, check it out, it contains piles of useful information.

iphones Unlocked

Puremobile seems to have re-thought their pricing model for unlocked iphones over the long weekend cutting prices for the units in half. Canadians will now pay $1,149 for an unlocked iPhone while US customers will pay $1,081. While this pricing is significantly more realistic than Friday’s $3000 price tag, it’s still a lot to pay for a hack that one could do themselves for free using widely available DIY instructions on the net.

Well it would appear there’s hope for Canadians wanting an iphone after all. MacNN reports that PureMobile.Com is preparing to sell cell phones unlocked . If an iphone can indeed be unlocked for use with Rogers Network (Canada’s lone GSM network) than there will undoubetdly be other sources within Canada to obtain an iphone. The real question is… what kind of price are we looking at?

Unlock your blackberry phone(s) - Insert your SIM Card and you're ready to go. Nothing else is required on the part of the user for the phone to work.

How Affiliates Program works

As you are probably aware, what is called an "affiliate program" or "associate program" is a relationship in which a merchant pays you (the "affiliate") for links from your site to his site. Usually, the affiliate is paid only when an actual sale is made by the merchant as a result of your link.

This kind of advertising (and it IS advertising) is called Pay Per Action (PPA), since the affiliate isn't paid for carrying the merchant's advertising link or graphic on his site, but only when a visitor performs a certain action (visits, fills out a form, makes a purchase).

A Win-Win

One of the reasons affiliate programs are so popular is that that offer a win-win situation for both merchant and affiliate.

Merchant Advantage. The merchant's cost for advertising a particular product is limited (largely) to the percentage paid to an affiliate, and the merchant only has to pay when a purchase is actually made. This is much better than banner advertising, where the merchant pays whether or not any purchase occurs. In fact, the amount paid to an affiliate for a purchase through an affiliate link is probably only 10% to 20% of the cost of that sale through banner advertising (which charges in cost per 1000 banner views, CPM).

Blogs Will Change Your Business

Look past the yakkers, hobbyists, and political mobs. Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out. Our advice: Catch up...or catch you later

Editor's note: The May, 2005, cover story, "Blogs Will Change Your Business," continues to receive lots of attention online. But many of the details in the story are out of date. So we've called many of the original sources and asked readers to help provide fixes and updates. For the version of the story with 2008 annotations, please visit www.businessweek.com/go/08/blog.

Monday 9:30 a.m. It's time for a frank talk. And no, it can't wait. We know, we know: Most of you are sick to death of blogs. Don't even want to hear about these millions of online journals that link together into a vast network. And yes, there's plenty out there not to like. Self-obsession, politics of hate, and the same hunger for fame that has people lining up to trade punches on The Jerry Springer Show. Name just about anything that's sick in our society today, and it's on parade in the blogs. On lots of them, even the writing stinks.


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Give Yourself Choices

There's nothing worse than having to get a Trade Show Display that you're not completely in love with just because the place you got it from didn't have all the options you wanted.

That's why I always use MODDisplays. Their options for your displays, literature stands, Banner Stands and Trade Show Flooring are sure to allow you to customize your display just the way you want it for the next Trade Show.
Why settle when you can get exactly what you want from MODDisplays? Go check them out today and see why they're the best at what they do.

Network Hardware

Getting the right network hardware can be a tiresome and expensive endeavor. Luckily for all of us, First Point has a great selection of new, used, and refurbished telecommunications equipment.

Whether you're looking for new Adtran hardware, refurbished Tellabs Telecom parts, or used MetaSwitch telecommunication equipment, First Point is sure to have exactly what you're looking for. Check them out today to save money without sacrificing quality.


What is the best solution for payday loan?

EasyOnlinePaydayLoan.com Within this site you can make payday advances with faxless, fast and easy, and more of that yours transaction will be private, confidential and secure, no body will know that you made a payday loan.

The only requirements are applicants must be at least 18 years old, maintain a regular source of income, and have a direct deposit system set up with their local bank.

Even in getting a payday loan, it sure, we would rather choose the one service that can give us what we need, fast and with excellent service.
EasyOnlinePaydayLoan.com provides just that and more.

Why do we shoud chose Easyonlinepaydayloan.com for the best solution?

Applying for a short term loan to cover spending needs doesn’t need to be time consuming and have a lot of requirements. It is just because they provide personal loans to cover small amount of expenses by avoiding bounced check fees or late payment penalties and the important thing is the fact that Easy Online Payday cash Loans is the best site in web that services the customer in a smooth way. You just need to register then you get loans within minutes instead of having a long agreement.

Contact Management

What exactly is sales Junction ?

Sales Junction a well established force is a high powered based sales force automation.

What is sales Junction benefits :

Their customer relations management based system is developed and priced to ensure satisfaction and tend to the needs of any size business. Many users can easily and quickly find and access the data information that they need.

There are many advances in using Sales Junction. There are no setup fees to use this Powerful database. All users have full access to system .There is easy data import and powerful data filtering. All upgrades are automatic for users regularly.

Working with Sales Junction Contact Management interface is very user friendly. All users can enjoy the many benefits, with professional representatives standing by to assists them. Customer Service and Support is available to all.

For additional details please visit the website. There are no long term commitment required for customers such as you and I. A representative will answer all your inquires.

Contact Management - CRM/SFA
Contact View

Contact Management - CRM/SFA, Shared Calendar
Calendar View

Sales Funnel or Sales Pipeline Report - Contact Management CRM/SFA
Sales Funnel Report

Social Bookmarks

Social Bookmarks are social bookmarks and offer thus under usually a free registration the entry of own favorite web pages into these services. Social Bookmarks of acres social bookmarks and thus usually offer A free application, the registration OF their own favorite websites in thesis services. The Social Bookmarks fulfills the role of a searchmachine-related advertising measure meanwhile likewise. The role OF A promotional measure searchmachine-related meet the Social Bookmarks now too.
Technorati tags: social bookmarks, social bookmarking, bookmarking, social bookmark, on-line favorites Technorati tags bookmarken: social bookmarks, social bookmarking, bookmark, bookmarking, social bookmark, on-line favorites

Down one finds all well-known social services. Below of acres all wave known social services. The list is updated constantly and with the time, so that one can infer important and useful information from the composition. The cunning wants fuel element continuously and updated with the times, then one out OF the compilation OF important and that useful information CAN fuel element found. One finds a short description and some additional details likewise apart from the respective service. A short description and some additional details CAN fuel element found NEXT ton the service as wave.

The ultimative video and a rather good description of the technical term Social Bookmarks and its focal tasks, whereby it will give in Germany ever more such interactive services in next time. The ultimate video, and A pretty good description OF the technical term Social Bookmarks and his priority, while acres more there in Germany look for interactive services into the near future wants fuel element.

All data and details are to that extent inaccurate, how this Bookmarking of services develops and positively or changes negatively. All information and detail of acres inaccurate insofar as thesis Bookmarking services, and develop A positive or negative CHANGES.

Author: Jefferey


There's nothing worse than having to get a Trade Show Display that you're not completely in love with just because the place you got it from didn't have all the options you wanted. That's why I always use MODDisplays. Their options for your displays, literature stands,
Banner Stands and Trade Show Flooring are sure to allow you to customize your display just the way you want it for the next Trade Show. Why settle when you can get exactly what you want from MODDisplays? Go check them out today and see why they're the best at what they do.

Job Search

Whether you're looking for a full-time hourly job or a part-time gig, SnagAJob.com is the fastest and easiest place to start and complete your job search.SnagAJob.com has more than 100,000 jobs in all the popular industries, including restaurant, retail and hospitality. SnagAJob.com also has you covered across the country:
If you're looking for Baltimore jobs, Seattle jobs or jobs anywhere else, they've got one for you. SnagAJob.com also has a comprehensive library of helpful articles and tips, including a regularly updated job blog, SnagABlog.com.
SnagAJob.com also has a comprehensive library of helpful articles and tips, including a regularly updated job blog.

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