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iphones Unlocked

Puremobile seems to have re-thought their pricing model for unlocked iphones over the long weekend cutting prices for the units in half. Canadians will now pay $1,149 for an unlocked iPhone while US customers will pay $1,081. While this pricing is significantly more realistic than Friday’s $3000 price tag, it’s still a lot to pay for a hack that one could do themselves for free using widely available DIY instructions on the net.

Well it would appear there’s hope for Canadians wanting an iphone after all. MacNN reports that PureMobile.Com is preparing to sell cell phones unlocked . If an iphone can indeed be unlocked for use with Rogers Network (Canada’s lone GSM network) than there will undoubetdly be other sources within Canada to obtain an iphone. The real question is… what kind of price are we looking at?

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