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PR 0 Blogs - Make Profit

It is always difficult and frustrating to make money with your blog , if your primary reason generating a second income . A lot of people blog for different reasons. As a hobby to share there stories or to inspire others . Even though you may Have a page Rank of a zero , there are still ways on making money through your blog . New blogs can generate traffic and still have a PR of zero, don't worry , in another article we can show you ways on getting traffic ans most importantly keeping it. In the End though , it all comes down to the weight of your traffic . Focusing on content is always the best way in the beginning. Listed below are some ways generate some income with your new blog. It wont be much in the beginning , but it is a step in the right direction. I say , go for it. Good luck

1. Affiliate programs
Sales: Generate sales through your blog. Selling helpful materials that can help others succeed . Using amazon widgets on your side bar is one of the most successful methods.
Leads : Many people find lead generation much easier than generating sales. Browse around , there are many companies willing to pay you , for leads. In my opinion CJ has one of the best lead generation programs.
2. PPC
Google Adsense :
Anyone can use this program , Unless banned for fradualent clicks. ( Don't worry there are alernatives to Adsense , Such as Bidvertiser , ect. ) Finding a good niche that works for you is important . You can generate some profit with this program. Earning are much greater with high traffic.

Blog Company

3. Blogsvertise :
If your blog is fairly new , maybe 1 month , you can join this program , and start making money . Your blog may be placed on probation , if younger than 1 month. On probation you are paid half assigned on each task .


how is blogvertise. i have no good experience with it.

Hi there, There are many other Blogs which I have seen such as; hubpages, squidoo, wordpress, blogspot. Among these, squidoo has very nice features and you can do promote your website very quickly in less effort. Invesment on PPC, I do not think that its good idea to get traffic online. For small sized business owner, cannot afford such investment on PPC.

Another way for bloggers to make money with their blogs.

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