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CD Rates Online

The website provides daily online coverages of bank CD rates which is available nationally. Rates as of 5/20/08 is listed below for the following bank.

  • American Bank
  • AmTrust Direct
  • Bank of Internet
  • Capital One
  • Countrywide Bank
  • Discover Bank
eMoneyCentral website general purpose is a well established personal finance website.They track the some of the best rates on various saving accounts, checking accounts, and certificate of deposit also known as CD's accounts from banks and credit unions across the United States.

A CD of less than one-hundred thousand are generally called"small CDs;
A CD for more than ne-hundred thousand known as are large CDs and lastly a jumbo CD, almost all large size CDs, as well as some small CDs, they often are negotiable.

For additional details please visit the website directly, view different CD's rate online. Customer service is available for anyone with additional questions.


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