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The Epidemic

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Many People around the world is over weight today. It is a known fact that this is true. Many people tend to over eat and eat late and stack on the pounds. According to U.S Weekly more than ever today obesity is a serious epidemic.

I believe that the problem starts as early as 5 years old. Parents needs to install healthy values within their children from an early age. Instead of coming home from school and watching the numerous cartoon on T.V children should spend more time outside. Its also a fact that children and adults tend to snack more while watching tv. We are not really conscious of our consumption while watching tv.

The more days on the coach the more those pounds stack up.

What to do?Most people diet and exercise. For some whom are extreamly over weight. More than 100 pounds, this is not an option. lap band weight loss surgical procedure is then available. The procedure is very safe. It allows you to eat, and not over eat. Your consumption is reduce allowing you to take in less calories. It is up to you today to start being healthy again, and rewrite your life’s story with NewHope Bariatrics and the LAP-BAND System.


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