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Nouveau Riche

This is what the phase "The Power of Dreams" means as Honda become successful in his business. He was able to expand his business empire and opened new business opportunities. This Nouveau Riche story is indeed an inspiring one.This is just one example of a Nouveau Riche story that is truly worth reading and telling others about it. Aside from Honda, there are also other stories that can truly inspire us to strive hard and become successful in the future.

Nouveau Riche is a term that means rags to riches. One good example is the story of Microsoft. Bill Gates is one of the riches man in the world. In fact there was a year when he was declared the riches man not just in America but also in the world. Before he became what he is now, he also went through the stage of hardship and frustrations at Nouveau Riche University

I always find it very inspiring to read stories about people who became successful in life and how they were able to make something out of nothing. Just like Honda. Because of his hard work and dedication in his crafts at Nouveau Riche University, he was able to perfect the piston rings.


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